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Jim at Burst Review puts our prescription safety glasses through his torture test.  watch video


"When it comes to the vision thing, there are things you can do to forestall the inevitable “vintage to vinegar” process of aging.
In the late 1970’s I had my eyes checked by a buddy who happened to be a newly-minted optometrist. It was informal—a Saturday afternoon thing when he was showing me his office after we’d been shooting pool and having a beer or two. “You’ll be my first—and only—free victim,” he said…" read more

“Old Guys, Old Eyes”, by Payton Miller


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“Wait. New and classic? Yep. Check out some of this Summer carry and shooting gear…
You’ve seen this S&W 442 before so I won’t bother with too much copy about it except to say that it’s lightweight, accurate, great to shoot, and reliable. And it is eminently accessorizable, if I may…” read more

“New Summer Classics”, by Mark Kakkuri



“Many TFB readers already know that I love to talk about good optics. However, one type of optic that is often neglected is the eyewear. It doesn’t matter how good the scope is on your rifle, if your eyes are bad, then you won’t be using the mounted optic to its full potential…”  read more

"Tactical Rx Custom Prescription Eyewear", by Timothy Yan.



“Denver, CO – Custom prescription sport lenscrafter Tactical Rx has released their Mt. Falcon performance eyewear frame. Made of TR-90 material, the frame is lightweight, durable and safe. It is ANSI z87-rated and has passed mil-spec PRF 31013 testing…” read more

"Tactical Rx New Mt. Falcon Shooting Frame" by Rick



“Tactical Rx is an independent, veteran-owned company in Denver, Colo. specializing in custom, handcrafted prescription tactical eyewear. Their goal is simple: to provide law enforcement officers, security personnel, and military units with prescription eyewear that meets their rigorous demands of both protection and performance, and the result is a unique product that has the ability to protect eyes and save lives. Until now, prescription-wearers have typically had few, limited options for protective eyewear in the field. Tactical Rx fundamentally revises those options…” read more

"Tactical Rx Prescription Shooting Eyewear", by Kyle Ross



“Disaster preparedness—and everyday survivalism, for that matter—depends on much more than just the right pack, the right tools or the right first aid kit. It’s vital to find ways to protect your most valuable assets–namely, your feet and your eyes. With either out of commission, you’re in a tricky spot.

This kind of unexpected emergency is what eyewear company Tactical Rx hopes to prevent with their tactical eyewear, intended for the everyday man and woman with a penchance for shooting or outdoor activities…” read more

"Set Clear Sights with Tactical Rx", by Ashley Hennefer.



“Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 63. This week we’ll talk about Tactical RX, flying with guns, freedom munitions, Nick’s remington 700 project, Caldwell mag charger and ammunition and magazines. Bow to your sensai….” listen to full podcast

"We Like Shooting" - Episode 63



“Tactical Rx glasses represent a very good investment in keeping you on-target through the years of optical transition…” read more

"Old Guys, Old Eyes", by Payton Miller


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“Kyle Ross of Sports Optical, also Tactical Rx, reached out to me and told me about their ability to craft a wide range of both sporting and rugged glasses for shooters…” read more

"Good Shooting Glasses" by Roy Huntington



“Tactical Rx is a division of Denver, Colo.-based Sports Optical, which was founded in 1993. While Sports Optical covers athletic eyewear, the focus of Tactical Rx is exactly what it sounds like: they make handcrafted, high-quality tactical eyewear…” read more

"The Case for EDCing Eyewear", by Ashley Hennefer



“These glasses delivered two unexpected benefits. First, it helps improve my posture since I need to stand with my head erect to see the target correctly…” read more

"Tactical Rx Shooting Glasses" by Jeff John



“Tactical Rx has just announced a new frame manufactured by their parent company Sports Optical…I met the company’s chief lens maker some years ago at SHOT Show. He is a very passionate guy who knows everything there is to know about custom-made prescription lenses. I don’t hesitate to recommend Tactical RX to shooters…” read more

"Tactical Rx Releases new Mt. Falcon Shooting Frame (For Prescription Lenses)", by Steve Johnson


Concealed Carry Magazine

Concealed Carry Magazine

“Vetern-Owned family business Sports Optical will put your prescription into any number of different frames, specifically tailored toward the shooting sports. Eliminate the need to wear bulky safety gear over your prescription eyewear. Choose from frames by Smith Optics, Oakley, Numa, their own Mt. Falcon frame and many others at”

"Gear We Love"


Bob Owens of reviews Tactical Rx Prescription Shooting Glasses.

Bob Owens of reviews Tactical Rx Prescription Shooting Glasses.

“I can’t tell you which frames to buy, or which lens will meet your needs. I can tell you that prescription shooting eyewear typically qualifies FSA/HSA medical spending (that’s a hint), and I can do is point you towards Tactical Rx, a company that went above and beyond in providing me with excellent service and advice.”  read more

By Bob Owens




“Tactical Rx is Joseph von Benedikt of Shooting Times go-to source for ultra-durable, comfortable prescription shooting glasses.”

 of Shooting Times


“This is a note to let you know how much I appreciate your fantastic customer assistance and lens/frame/prescription package.

I retired from US Army Special Forces and immediately went into the overseas security field. I have carried and used weapons as part of my livelihood for over thirty years.

As time went on it has become more difficult to get a clear sight picture on my hand gun while still being able to see and scan at distance to best utilize my long gun. The combination of your near distance/long distance prescriptions in a tactical configuration works extremely well.

Your help in selecting the right lens, frame, and fit were second to none. Every email I sent and every question I asked you was immediately answered to my satisfaction.

The package is not inexpensive, but I will not put a ceiling on life support. For me, your frame/lens/prescription is a critical life support system. In my work, I can use the best firearms, body armor, and communications money can buy. However, if I cannot hit what I aim at it is all moot.
With your glasses, I am only limited to my own weapons handling skills. Not the strength of my eye sight.

Thanks again for a great product and all of your help.”

Field Security Advisor/South America


“I was searching for a solution for shooting with aging eyes when I first heard about Tactical Rx. I need distance glasses to see targets with any definition. However, with distance glasses I can’t focus on the front sight of my pistol. Tactical Rx’s “Almost Lens”, inverted bifocals for the dominant eye, are the solution to this classic problem. Getting the lens just right is a very customized process, and Kyle at Tactical Rx helped me get the measurements just right. The glasses worked great for pistol shooting. However, once I had my glasses, I realized I needed to move the location of the bifocal so I could properly focus on my rifle’s red dot. Tactical Rx cut me a new lens, free of charge. Great product, PLUS great customer service!”

IDPA and 3-Gun


“The service and support from Kyle and the team at Tactical Rx for the fitting of our 13-year-old daughter’s prescription shooting glasses was second to none. They helped us choose just the right frames that were small enough for her but yet provided the high-quality safety protection and visibility that we wanted. They even rushed the order for us so they would arrive in time for a training event we were attending. We would definitely order from them again!”