Little John Rx

Named after Robin Hood's right hand man, the Little John is a wrap around frame designed to fit extra large heads.  Made to exceed ANSI z87 safety standards the Little John is a shield of protection for your eyes.  The frame has rubber grips on the nose and temple arms to keep the frame firmly secured to your head amidst any hot action.

Fit:  Large to Extra Large

Safety Rating:  Far exceeds ANSI z87

Lens Shape:  Full Frame

Interchangable Lenses:  No

Does it come with a case?

Yes, the Little John comes with a utilitarian hard camo case.

Will this frame fit my big head?

Yes, the Little John is our largest fitting frame and is guaranteed to fit your giantic head quite comfortably!

Can I get bifocals or progressive lenses in this frame?

Yes, this frame is available with single vision, bifocal, and progressive prescription lenses.  Single vision orders can be completed online.  To order bifocals or progressive lenses give us a call at 888-807-5165 or come visit our store.