Rudy Project

Rydon Stealth Rx

Rudy Project's #1 selling glasses and one of our favorites.  These frames are extremely lightweight and provide a customizable fit through the adjustable temple and nosepiece.  Don't be fooled though, these frames are certified ANSI z87 safety rated and provide excellent eye protection with their wrap around lenses.  

Fit:  Medium with lots of ajustability

Safety Rating:  Far exceeds ANSI z87

Lens Shape:  Open Bottom

Interchangable Lenses:  Yes

Does it come with a case?

Yes, the Rydon comes with a hard shell case and soft cloth sleeve.

Can I get bifocals or progressive lenses in this frame?

Yes, this frame is available with single vision, bifocal, and progressive prescription lenses.  Single vision orders can be completed online.  To order bifocals or progressive lenses give us a call at 888-807-5165 or come visit our store.

This frame is more expensive than others you offer, is it worth it?  How is the extra cost justified?

The Rydon is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and provides the excellent wrap around protection you are after.  The thin temples are well suited for wearing with ear protection.  The interchangeable lens design also allows you to easily multi-purpose a single frame with different lens tints.  When customers visit our store and try on all the sports frames we offer, the majority of people decide to go with the Rydon despite the higher price tag.  In fact some of our customers have been able to get 7-8 years of use out of their Rydon frame and come back to us just for new lenses when their prescription changes. The Rydon is a great quality frame and stands head and shoulders above the other already excellent frames that clearly.