Randolph Engineering

Ranger Edge Rx

Randolph Engineering's Ranger Edge is an excellent choice for those who want minimal frame getting in the way of their line of sight and is most popular with our skeet, trap, and sporting clays customers. The lenses are held in the frame by two hooks on the upper inside and outside of the front of the frame. This guarantees ease of swapping lenses to suit different conditions. Like the Ranger Sporter, the Edge also comes in numerous lens and temple sizes. The thin temples on this frame make it an excellent choice for those wearing helmets or hearing protection. 

Fit:  Medium to Medium Large

Safety Rating:  Does *NOT* meet either ANSI z87 or Mil-Spec safety standards.

Lens Shape:  Rimless

Interchangable Lenses:  Yes

Does it come with a case?

Yes, the Ranger Edge comes with a large padded case with space for extra lenses.

Can I get bifocals or progressive lenses in this frame?

No, unfortunately the Ranger Edge is only available in single vision. Single Vision orders can be completed online. Give us a call at 888-807-5165 or stop by our store if you have any questions.