Randolph Engineering

Aviator Rx

The Aviator has been adored by many throughout the years. It was designed with military personel and pilots in mind. A champion of style and functionality, the Aviator is probably one of the most well known frames of our time and rightfully deserves such a prestigious title.

Fit:  Medium to Medium Large

Safety Rating:  Does *NOT* meet either ANSI z87 or Mil-Spec safety standards

Lens Shape:  Full Frame

Interchangable Lenses:  No

Does it come with a case?

Yes, the Aviator comes with a re-enforced soft leather case.

Can I get bifocals or progressive lenses in this frame?

Yes, this frame is available with single vision, bifocal, and progressive prescription lenses.  Single vision orders can be completed online.  To order bifocals or progressive lenses give us a call at 888-807-5165 or come visit our store.