Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get lenses made for one of my own frames? [Back to Top]

Yes, we can make lenses for almost any frame, although there are some exceptions. If you would like us to make lenses for a frame you already have, then we recommend emailing us a picture of the frames with a copy of your prescription. This way we can ensure that what we make for you will suit your needs.

Can I get regular eyeglasses made by Tactical Rx? [Back to Top]

Of course!  We specialize in putting strong prescriptions in curved frames and have been in business since 1993.  We have been making casual eyeglasses and sunglasses for just as long. 

Can you safety stamp my lenses? [Back to Top]

Absolutely. If you're buying an ANSI rated frame we will safety stamp your lenses by default. They will be in the upper outer corner of the lens typically so you won't even notice it there. If you are purchasing a safety rated frame and would NOT like your lenses safety stamped, make sure to let us know.

Do you accept insurance? Can I use my Flex Spending Account or HSA? [Back to Top]

We are an out-of-network provider and do not work with insurance companies directly, however, many of our customers submit our itemized receipts for reimbursement under their eye-care coverage. We do accept Flexible Spending Accounts, HSA's and Cafeteria Plans as purchases through us qualify as a medical deduction.

How do I order? [Back to Top]

If you are ordering single vision prescription lenses, you can complete your order online.  To order lined bificals, progressives, or our Almost lens give us a call / email with your prescription handy.  For those types of lenses we need measurements that are unique to your head, the particular frame you choose, and your own preference on the placement of the bifocal or progressive.  We first set up a demo order to send you a few frames your interested in along with a simple marking kit.  Once the frame of your choice is marked you send it back to us and we get started making your custom lenses based on your unique specification.

How long does it take to make the glasses? [Back to Top]

Because we craft your prescription lenses fully custom it generally takes about 3-4 weeks from the date you place your order to the day your glasses reach you.  If you are ordering lined bifocals, progressives, or our Almost lens this does not include the time to send out the demo frame(s) and marking kit and for you to return the marked demo frame(s) to us.  

How much do your Rx lenses cost? [Back to Top]

There are lots of factors that go into determining our prescription lens costs, so for a fully accurate price it's best to call or email us to discuss the details of your lens order. Our base lens, which is custom-made out of lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate and comes standard with 100% UV Blocking, a scratch resistant coating and a one-year warranty is $219, clear or tinted. Our Almost Lens begins at $259.

I don't live in the USA, can you ship me my glasses? [Back to Top]

Absolutely. We ship to all fifty US states and various places around the world as well.  Our normal 3-4 weeks turnaround time may be a bit longer with international shipping however.  Shipping outside of the US is generally around $40.

Is there any way I can speed up the process and get my order rushed? [Back to Top]

Yes!  We can put a rush on your order, which essentially moves your order to the front of the queue for $100.  We can make no absolute guarantee of delivery date as there is always the possibility of things going wrong in the lenscrafting process, but the rush service can cut your order's turnaround to about 2 weeks + shipping time.  If we don't meet your delivery deadline we will refund the $100 rush fee.

Is there any way I can try on a frame to make sure it fits? [Back to Top]

Of course. In fact we'll let you try as many as you'd like.  All that we ask is a refundable deposit be put down to cover the cost of the frames.  Give us a call to set up a demo order.  

What frames work the best for very strong prescriptions? [Back to Top]

The Tactical Rx Mad Scientist and Little Bear, the Rudy Project Ketyum, the Wiley X Enzo, and most of the flatter curved Randolph Engineering frames we carry will take stronger prescriptions. If you are still having trouble finding a frame that will take your prescription, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 303-455-3369.

What is my PD and how do I get it? [Back to Top]

Your Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance, in millimeters, between the centers of the pupils in each eye. For our needs, it tells us where to locate the optical center in your lenses and is therefore crucial to the lenscrafting process. To obtain your PD you can a) Ask your optometrist to measure it for you when you go in for your Rx. b) Call the people who have made a previous pair of glasses for you, because they should have it on file. There can be, naturally, some resistance to release it to you since it implies that you are having your glasses made elsewhere. Firstly, it's part of your Rx, you paid for it, and your entitled to it. Secondly, once you explain to them that you're having custom, safety or sport glasses made with extreme curvature and unique focal adjustments, they should understand that it's a non-competitive purchase. c) Drop by your local optical shop and see if they'll help you out. It takes a moment to measure, and, barring any unfortunate, head-deforming circumstances, is good for the rest of your adult life.

Who are you and what makes your lenses different from other lenses? [Back to Top]

Tactical Rx is a division of Sports Optical, an independent optical boutique in Denver specializing in custom, handmade prescription sports lenses. In the early 1990's we pioneered the technology to put prescriptions into curved-format sport lenses and since then we've been hard at work perfecting our craft, innovating lenscrafting methods and material usage while aslo understanding that certain traditional techniques should not be let go. Today, our lenscrafting pedigree is second to none and we ship our lenses all over the world for shooters, atheletes, and professionals of every kind. We didn't get here on technology alone, however, and we're proud to offer sincere and personal customer service with each phone call and in every email.