Junior Shooters writes about Tactical Rx prescription shooting glasses.

Junior Shooters

Junior Shooters is a cool magazine out of Idaho that does something that no other shooting or outdoor magazine does: publish articles written by kids. If you flip through the pages you’ll see little parenthesis in the by-lines: (12) (14) (15). Those are the ages of the writers. In a media industry with a strong respect for tradition in which many journalists dedicate their lives to developing the skills, experience and readership to be able to make a career out of their writing, and where experts generally are, with all due respect, pretty old guys, it’s refreshing to read the sincere words of a 13-year old reviewer telling us about his or her new product. It also seems like a great way to build confidence and develop engagement in the sport, and build some writing skills while they’re at it. It’s a great magazine that you really get the sense is more of a community than a magazine, and we wish it all the best.

Tactical Rx recently had our glasses reviewed by a junior shooter who shall remain nameless (for the sake of the privacy of our youth), however his photo and our Mt. Falcon frames with custom yellow shooting lenses are right there on page 64. The review was stellar, and we’re certainly glad he liked his glasses. Highlight quote was probably, “…they are by far the best shooting glasses I have ever seen.” Solid quote.I also liked, “MSRP is $109, which is a little much for me..”. Yes, when I was in eighth grade $109 for glasses would’ve been a little much for me as well. Which is where parents come into play..

Parents: If your child is shooting, help him or her protect their eyes by explaining the importance of eyewear and giving them something that will protect their eyes. Prescription or non, our eyewear or someone elses. We’ve all heard stories of a childhood accident shaping someone’s life, and certainly, things happen. But when it comes to shooting and eye protection, nothing has to happen. Junior Shooters, as a magazine, does an excellent job of teaching safety and showing their shooters (and authors) wearing eye-pro where it should be worn.


Junior Shooters. Making a Mark.

Junior Shooters. Making a Mark.

American Shooting Journal, September 2015

American Shooting Journal – Optimize Your Eyes

Guess how excited we were this afternoon when the friendly folks over at American Shooting Journal pointed out that they’d given us a sweet product review in the September 2015 issue. We’d made some glasses for a staff member up there hoping that they’d be able to get a feel for our work and feel comfortable spreading the word about who we are and what we do. Turns out, they liked them! And wrote about them! In September. And we just didn’t know:)

Two nice highlights from the American Shooting Journal article were:

– “Our goal is simple: provide law enforcement officers, security personnel and civilian shooters with prescription eyewear that meets the rigorous demands of both protection and performance.” Yes, that’s our goal.

– Bret’s “proprietary optical formulas and adaptations are highly refined and provide cleaner optical perspectives.” If you can see clearly, both your target and your surroundings, you can shoot clearly and make clearer decisions.

Here’s the text:

Randolph Engineering Concorde Aviator.

We like the Randolph Engineering Concorde

Randolph Engineering is a fantastic combination of product and story. The story is that two Polish immigrants met working at a tool and die company in Boston and years later decided to found their own optical tooling and machinery company, in Randolph, MA. After establishing Randolph Engineering as a leader in optical metalwork, in the late 1970’s they began manufacturing mil-spec aviators for the US Air Force. A decade later, after establishing their manufacturing chops in the military sector, they began selling commercially. Today they are an iconic American eyewear company, owned, designed and manufactured with excellent craftsmanship here in the US. We are currently the only dealer in Denver, and in Colorado for that matter, selling Randolph Engineering Ranger Shooting Eyewear.

The RE Concorde is one of their iconic and most popular frames. Teardrop in design, it is the frame design most people imagine when they hear “aviator” frame. (This is potentially a misnomer considering Randolph Engineering’s true Aviator frame is more square in its styling.) With both skull and bayonet temple options and multiple sizes and finishes, the Concorde pleases a diverse range of faces and personalities. We’ve found happy homes for Tactical Rx custom Rx lenses in the Randolph Engineering Concorde with Ashley at craft EDC blog The New Artemis and with Roy below in top-notch shooting magazine American Handgunner.

Personally, I’ve had my Randolph Engineering Intruder for a few years now and it’s treated me perfectly: on hikes, at the range, and driving around town. I went with the polarized rose-copper lenses, so my world is always rosy and glare-free.

April 2014 issue of American Hangdunner, featuring Tactical Rx custom prescription lenses in the Randolph Engineering Concorde frame.

April 2014 issue of American Hangdunner, featuring Tactical Rx custom prescription lenses in the Randolph Engineering Concorde frame.