Julbo USA Vermont Classic.

Tactical Rx in American Handgunner

Funky meets Protection.

In Roy Huntington’s The Insider column in the current (Pg. 116, March/April 2016) edition of American Handgunner magazine he features the Julbo USA Vermont Classic frame. He goes on to say that the side covers reduce glare, and indeed they should: it’s a frame born to block the glare for mountaineers as they walk across glaciers. These days, it can block the glare at the range, on the road, and for one recent customer, at concerts when he doesn’t want to focus on anything else. Yes, like blinders on a horse. (We didn’t ask him what type of music he’s into, but we can only assume he’s got the coolest glasses at the latest T Swift show.

If you’d like a non-prescription option, the Vermont Classic frame can be picked up for a cool $150, and we can also load in Tactical Rx custom prescription shooting lenses starting at $209.


Julbo USA Vermont Classic frame with Tactical Rx custom prescription shooting lenses featured in American Handgunner Magazine.

Julbo USA Vermont Classic frame with Tactical Rx custom prescription shooting lenses featured in American Handgunner Magazine.

Jamie Hyneman Glasses.

Jamie Hyneman Wears our Custom Prescription Glasses

Here at Tactical Rx, we like to brag when it’s appropriate. And every time we see our prescription lenses on TV it’s gotta be appropriate, right? We’ve been very pleased to work with Jamie Hyneman, co-host of the show MythBusters on the Discovery Channel and owner of special effects company M5 Industries. We don’t have to explain the show, and it’s easy understand that safety eyewear is a requisite piece of equipment during the many myths these guys attempt to bust. Explosions and shrapnel and debris is always flying all around. Plus it’s sunny. This is a perfect recipe for Rx safety glasses and what we made for Jamie Hyneman was a pretty cool set-up:

The frame is a authentic vintage, metal safety frame from American Optical with rigid-mesh eye cups and very thin temples pieces. It’s a classic look, part modern steampunk part industrial revolution. For Jamie’s lenses, we went dark. Really dark. A polar grey lens, with a grey after-tint with a silver mirror, for as dark a lens as we could get (90%+ Visible Light Blockage). There’s no chance at seeing his pupils through the lenses. One unique aspect about making lenses for dudes on TV is that based on the high-activity of everything off-camera, a lens with any spherical curve will grab reflections of things that shouldn’t be seen. With this in mind, we had to make an entirely flat lens so that production crews could better manage the reflections caught in the mirror.

If you watch the show in the past few years, you’ve probably seen him in the shades that we made. Now you know what they are and where to get them, and if you come by our shop you’ll see this signed photo on the wall that Jamie was cool enough to send over.