These guys bagged some birds using Tactical Rx prescription hunting glasses.

Gotta avoid those Dusky’s.

We want to share the story of a customer of ours, Gary, and the recent set of glasses we made for him. He’s photo’d above with his friends and their take of 16 geese from a weekend hunt earlier in January. They’re up in Oregon, and from the photo you can see the light is variable/overcast. Knowing what we did of his use and conditions, we put together a high-contrast custom tint for the Smith Optics frame he already had. We know a lot of folks in the NW have to be particularly aware of the Canadian dusky geese and make quick decisions based on the coloring, so it was important for us to create a tint that maintained an authentic color perspective, while still enhancing the view in low-light situations. They certainly bagged some birds, so he must have been seeing pretty good.

Hunting eyewear is one of the most precise and challenging types of eyewear we make. Conditions often vary between the extremes, yet lens tones and functionality needs to be sharp and precise. Obviously, there are a lot of variables in the equation: location, what you’re hunting, what you’re shooting (or in the case of the duskies, what you’re not shooting), all the prescription variables, personal preference as far as fit and style, fogging issues, etc. This is a lot to take in to ultimately shape into a set of prescription hunting lenses, and while hunting is a very general term that takes many different forms, it can be an extremely demanding activity and eyewear has to meet those demands.

Gary was cool enough to pass along a fun photo from the weekend, and we’ll also point you towards his friendly post on the ifish forum, which is Oregon-centric but for the rest of us it’s still a place for some good discussions about prescription hunting eyewear and about broader hunting and fishing topics.