Lens after being hit with a ricochet during Bob Owens' review of our custom prescription shooting lenses.

BearingArms.com Review

We usually don’t love it when someone gets hit in the eye with a ricochet. Unless they’re literally in the process of writing a review on our Rx shooting eyewear and it enables them to headline the article, “Tactical Rx Prescription Shooting Eyewear Saved My Sight.” In this case, provided the wearer is absolutely unharmed, we kind of like it.

This is what happened to the reviewer, Bob Owens, editor of 2nd Amendment website BearingArms.com. While wearing the Numa Point Ballistics we made for him at the Rifleman I course at Valor Ridge training site in Tennessee, a fragment, of either a rock or a bullet, came back and hit his lens. In the review, he explains that he didn’t think twice about it and went on with the course, only to realize later what had actually happened. He concluded the same way that we often explain the importance and the investment in prescription eyewear: A few hundred dollars spent up front compares very favorably to, in the best case, a ruined day, and in worse cases, trips to the ER, medical bills and serious vision impairment. It’s a fair point, we think. This is the exact reason why we make all of our ANSI z87 prescription shooting lenses of only polycarbonate (not Trivex) and to the highest degrees of lens retention.

The review is highly positive, which is what we strive for, and it also creates a very strong case for Rx shooting eyewear not just from a performance point of view, but also from a safety perspective. Read the full article here: Tactical Rx Prescription Eyewear Reviewed on BearingArms.com.