Custom Almost Lens shooting bifocal in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.

Almost Lens FAQ’s

One of our most popular lenses is our Almost Lens, an inverted shooting bifocal intended to help crisp up your front sights if you’re no longer seeing them as clearly as you’d like. On one hand this lens is a very simple premise and not something that we really invented. On the other hand, we’ve found a way to innovate and customize a stagnant, existing idea. Genius, we say! In any case, here are a few answers to the questions we receive most frequently regarding the Almost Lens:

– It’s a custom placement, so we’d send you a frame (or a few if you want to try some on for fit and style) and you’d mark it and send it back to us. We’d include a marking kit for you to use, which is a piece of cake.

– It’s a lined bifocal, and the general placement is above your eye, both of which help make sight/target acquisition quick and easy. There’s no more tilting your head back to access the lower portion of your lens, and the lined bifocal gives a large field of view for your near vision so you no longer have to seek out the sweet spot in your progressive.

– We take your given reading prescription and adjust it for the distance from your eye to your front sights. We’ll ask you for this distance measurement, in inches, and we’ll make the accommodation on our end. If you have multiple barrel lengths/sight distances, either take the average or prioritize one of your guns. There’s a few inch margin here so two inches won’t make a difference.

– What else…Most folks go with it only in their dominant eye, but some people put it in both eyes and others do one eye with the shooting bifocal above their eye and in the other eye they put a traditional lined bifocal.

– To order, the best way is to give us a call with your prescription handy. We can talk you through some frame options and get some choices sent out to you for marking.

Almost Lens inverted shooting bifocal in the Numa Point Ballistic frame.

Almost Lens inverted shooting bifocal in the Numa Point Ballistic frame.

The Firearm Blog, Almost Lens feature.

The Firearm Blog Reviews our Shooting Bifocal

Back in June of 2014 we were lucky enough to have a profile on Tactical Rx released on The Firearm Blog and it’s brought a lot of customers to our virtual door. The article itself examines the idea that an overlooked optic is often eyewear itself, specifically prescription shooting eyewear. The Firearm Blog writer, Tim Yan, shares an anecdote that he also told me when we spoke on the phone about an unnamed but very popular red-dot manufacturer that endures 25% of returns which they find to be perfectly calibrated. The error, of course, is in the shooter’s eye.

Tim then goes on to offer a thorough and reasonably technical explanation of our company and our work. Some highlights:

– We specialize in applying prescriptions to curved-format sport lenses providing the user with fully-function peripheral vision.

– He called me a technician, which I’d never previously been called and found quite respectful.

– We sent him 3 frames to try on, as we do with any of our customers, and he gave a good run-down of the pros and cons of each. The Numas are quite soft and comfortable, the Smith’s slightly stiffer.

– Tim discussed the Almost Lens and it’s popularity amongst iron-sight shooters, giving good, clear analysis of the physical movements involved in using the lens. He and his buddy Chris Wilson also did a pretty good job with the camera.

– When we spoke on the phone he explained that he was looking for a bright, high-contrast lens that would give him good optical “pop”, and in the review he mentions a mandarose tint from Numa that we often use as a model for high-contrast lens tinting, which we do in-house.

– Finally, he mentioned that we extend a 20% discount to active duty military and LEO for our products and services. It’s great that he used the term service, because we like to think we’re more than a product.

Read the full article here: Tactical Rx on The Firearm Blog, and be sure to check out The Firearm Blog as a resource in sincere, interesting firearm news and journalism.

Custom Almost Lens shooting bifocal in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.

Almost Lens

One of our most popular shooting lenses for open-sight handgun or rifle shooters is a configuration that helps shooters who can no longer clearly see their sights. We call it our Almost Lens, though we’re not entirely sure why. When you can almost see your front sights, you need the Almost Lens. Or when you’re almost hitting your target, you need the Almost Lens. Or..?

The premise is straightforward:

– We custom grind a lined-bifocal directly into the lens. A lined-bifocal is ideal because it gives you a large, single-focus area to acquire your sight picture quickly and easily. The line provides clear demarcation of the focal shift from your distance vision to your near vision.

– This bifocal is custom-placed for your specific needs. We all have different eye-dominance/shooting-hand combinations, shooting stances and positions, and of course not all frames sit the same way on different faces. We’ll send you an actual frame (or a few, to try on) and a marking kit so you can show us where you need the Almost Lens to be placed.

– We’ll adjust the focal distance of your standard reading so it’s precisely tuned for the distance of your front sights. If your Rx has already been adjusted by your eye doctor, that’s fine, just make sure we know so we don’t double-adjust it.

The Almost Lens is advantageous over a traditional bifocal because by having it in the upper portion of the lens you move your body much less to use it and can easily maintain your shooting stance. It’s superior to a progressive because there’s no “searching” through the progressive range to find the right focal spot, and also because the bifocal gives a much larger field of view.

If you’d like to read more about the lens, Jeff John at Guns Magazine wrote about it here.

Custom Almost Lens in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.

Custom Almost Lens in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.