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The Firearm Blog Reviews our Shooting Bifocal

Back in June of 2014 we were lucky enough to have a profile on Tactical Rx released on The Firearm Blog and it’s brought a lot of customers to our virtual door. The article itself examines the idea that an overlooked optic is often eyewear itself, specifically prescription shooting eyewear. The Firearm Blog writer, Tim Yan, shares an anecdote that he also told me when we spoke on the phone about an unnamed but very popular red-dot manufacturer that endures 25% of returns which they find to be perfectly calibrated. The error, of course, is in the shooter’s eye.

Tim then goes on to offer a thorough and reasonably technical explanation of our company and our work. Some highlights:

– We specialize in applying prescriptions to curved-format sport lenses providing the user with fully-function peripheral vision.

– He called me a technician, which I’d never previously been called and found quite respectful.

– We sent him 3 frames to try on, as we do with any of our customers, and he gave a good run-down of the pros and cons of each. The Numas are quite soft and comfortable, the Smith’s slightly stiffer.

– Tim discussed the Almost Lens and it’s popularity amongst iron-sight shooters, giving good, clear analysis of the physical movements involved in using the lens. He and his buddy Chris Wilson also did a pretty good job with the camera.

– When we spoke on the phone he explained that he was looking for a bright, high-contrast lens that would give him good optical “pop”, and in the review he mentions a mandarose tint from Numa that we often use as a model for high-contrast lens tinting, which we do in-house.

– Finally, he mentioned that we extend a 20% discount to active duty military and LEO for our products and services. It’s great that he used the term service, because we like to think we’re more than a product.

Read the full article here: Tactical Rx on The Firearm Blog, and be sure to check out The Firearm Blog as a resource in sincere, interesting firearm news and journalism.


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