Marking your Lined Bifocal

Thank you for choosing Sports Optical for your eyewear needs. Your lenses will be made by hand and are fully-custom, so what we’re doing here is asking you to tell us where you’d like us to set your Lined Bifocal.

We’ve included a sticker, which represents where your bifocal will be placed. The top line of the sticker represents the top line of your bifocal.

First, put on your glasses and adjust them so they are comfortable. Then, try them in the position which you hope to use them. (If you’re planning on using them for shooting, get in your shooting stance and make sure it does’t obstruct your sight picture. If you’d like to use these in your car, get in the driver’s seat.)

After placing the sticker, we’d appreciate it if you could secure the sticker with a piece of scotch tape, or give it a quick trace with a permanent marker. Sometimes a sticker can shift in transit.

Finally, if you have any questions as you’re marking your lenses, just give us a call. This is an investment of time, energy and money on both of our parts, so we’d much rather take an extra moment to make sure it’s right the first time.

Marking your Progressive Bifocal

Marking Pupillary Height

This marking is important because it tells us where to set the focal change in your progressive and show us where your pupils sit behind the lens. It is specific to each pair of glasses, and the height on your previous pair of glasses and the height on today’s pair will be absolutely different. Please understand, this is not a PD measurement (Pupilary Distance). Your PD should be measured by an optical professional.

As you proceed, make sure you’ve adjusted the glasses to your own face and head. They should be comfortable and sit as they will during normal wear.

Marking them yourself

You will need the permanent marker we’ve included (please return!) and a mirror. With the glasses on, look ahead into the mirror. Keeping your head straight and level, make a dot where your pupils lay. (There is no need to make a line or an “x”. A dot is not only the easiest shape to mark but it tells us what we need to know.

Having someone mark them for you

Follow the same principles as above, this time making sure that your friend/loved one/stranger is on equal eye-level with you as they mark your lenses. Don’t be afraid to sit in a chair, to bend or to squat as needed to compensate for this difference.

Marking your Almost Lens Bifocal

Thank you for ordering a set of Almost Lens shooting glasses. Marking where you’d like your inverted bifocal is an important step in the process of customizing these lenses precisely for your face, your Rx, your stance and your firearms.

We’ve attached a static sticker to the lens, this sticker represents where your bifocal will be. As you’re in a normal posture, looking straight-ahead, the sticker should not be in your direct line of sight (you may see it in your peripheral), which will let you use your distance vision to acquire your target.

Once you’ve found your target, the Almost Lens is designed to help you bring your front sights into focus with a slight downward tilt of your head. This movement is intended to be minimal, allowing the rest of your body can stay quiet and maintain the posture of your shooting stance. With this in mind, you should place the bifocal/sticker so that it’s out of your normal line of sight for distance, but easily accessible with slight tilt of your head.

It’s important to remember that the ideal location of this bifocal will differ for each individual. Not only do we all have different faces, but we have different shooting styles, stances, eye-dominance, etc. Also, don’t forget that we’ll also need the distance from your eye to your front sight.