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As a custom lenscrafter with more than twenty years of experience handcrafting prescription sport and prescription shooting lenses, we know a thing or two about what makes a great shooting frame. Notable qualities are coverage, fit, durability and safety design. And style, if you’re into it. While certain frames are better suited for certain faces and specific activities, the frames we’ve collected here are the toughest, lightest, and generally the best in the world. Call to order your prescription shooting and safety eyewear today: 888-807-5165.

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Our prescription shooting and safety lenses are custom-made and handcrafted to offer the finest optical quality available. Made of high-index polycarbonate (and definitely not Trivex), they are strong, lightweight and safe, exceeding ANSI z87 standards for prescription eyewear. We are the experts in prescription shooting eyewear, so let us recommend ideal lenses for your diverse situations and needs. Call to order your prescription shooting and safety lenses today: 888-807-5165.

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