Double Top Secret – American Handgunner May/June 2016

American Handgunner has done it again: They’ve recognized the work we do and given us a full page of their magazine. Heck. Yea. Dave Anderson, who writes the Winning Edge column in Handgunner, has a pretty substantial prescription. We like people like this because they have a deep, lifelong relationship with prescription eyewear and understand the difficulties involved in finding quality prescription shooting eyewear.

For Dave, his options were limited to frames without much curvature. We can work with some pretty strong prescriptions, but we still have limitations as far as how far we can go. While we can jam a lens into just about any frame, we don’t. So for Dave, we set him up with the Randolph Engineering Sporter frame, which is a great option for shooters with stronger prescriptions (in the -7.00/+3.00 range). With the Sporter you have the option of getting a clear lens (with Anti-Reflective coating to reduce glare from the lights at your indoor range, or, say, while driving) and additional, tinted clip-ons, OR you can just get a single tinted (or polarized or Transition) lens ground and loaded right into the frame. You get a bit more versatility with the first option, which is what we made for Dave, but some people just want a dedicated sunglass lens and go for the second option.


In any case, he liked what he saw. Or saw through. Dave’s article explained the advantages of true shooting eyewear instead of just shooting in your everyday casual glasses, he got into the details of the polycarbonate material and lens-grinding, and came up with a great paragraph heading of “Double Top Secret”, referring to the proprietary optical formulas and adjustments we make here to every single lens we craft to account for frame angulation, lens curvature, frame dimensions, and numerous other factors. The result, and I’ll quote, “The lenses provide the clearest, sharpest image, over the widest area, of any glasses I’ve used in 60 years of eyeglass wear!”


Thank you, Dave for your kind works and for taking the time to explore our work, and to American Handgunner for the opportunity to share our product with their dedicated readership. Due to its bimonthly publication, you have plenty of time to grab an issue off your local newsstand (for a cool $5.95), but of course, there’s no time like the present.


Tactical RX in American Handgunner



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