Custom Almost Lens shooting bifocal in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.

Almost Lens

One of our most popular shooting lenses for open-sight handgun or rifle shooters is a configuration that helps shooters who can no longer clearly see their sights. We call it our Almost Lens, though we’re not entirely sure why. When you can almost see your front sights, you need the Almost Lens. Or when you’re almost hitting your target, you need the Almost Lens. Or..?

The premise is straightforward:

– We custom grind a lined-bifocal directly into the lens. A lined-bifocal is ideal because it gives you a large, single-focus area to acquire your sight picture quickly and easily. The line provides clear demarcation of the focal shift from your distance vision to your near vision.

– This bifocal is custom-placed for your specific needs. We all have different eye-dominance/shooting-hand combinations, shooting stances and positions, and of course not all frames sit the same way on different faces. We’ll send you an actual frame (or a few, to try on) and a marking kit so you can show us where you need the Almost Lens to be placed.

– We’ll adjust the focal distance of your standard reading so it’s precisely tuned for the distance of your front sights. If your Rx has already been adjusted by your eye doctor, that’s fine, just make sure we know so we don’t double-adjust it.

The Almost Lens is advantageous over a traditional bifocal because by having it in the upper portion of the lens you move your body much less to use it and can easily maintain your shooting stance. It’s superior to a progressive because there’s no “searching” through the progressive range to find the right focal spot, and also because the bifocal gives a much larger field of view.

If you’d like to read more about the lens, Jeff John at Guns Magazine wrote about it here.

Custom Almost Lens in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.

Custom Almost Lens in Clear. Rudy Project Rydon Tactical frame.


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